Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Frankenstein never looked so good

This blouse was a quick (ish) sew, but it was also a lesson in patience.  I always expect things like this to be doable in a night, and then get frustrated if they take a few weeks.  I'm really happy with the outcome, so it's a bit of a lesson in patience and realistic expectations.

The idea for the blouse came from the free Sorbetto pattern from Colette patterns.  I had seen a lot of great versions of this pattern, but I had a similar tank top pattern already cut out (Simplicity 8426) so I just used that.  I raised the neckline 2-3 inches and widened it for more of a boatneck look. 

This fabric came from a kimono I picked up for scraps at a thrift shop.  It turned out to be nicer fabric than I realized, and there was just enough for a tank top.  I had to get really creative with the print, though, because there wasn't enough continuous yardage to make it according to the pattern directions.

See that seam running down the middle?  I am so proud of this match job!

I wound up having to Frankenstein the back from 4 pieces.  (This is why it took weeks instead of an evening!)  There wasn't enough fabric to match the print continuously, so there the top left panel matches the top right, and same for the bottom.  I was able to line them up so that the diagonal bamboo print lines up, even if it's not a true match.

The diagonal pattern of the bamboo lines up, which makes it much easier on the eyes.

I'm particularly proud of the finish of this project - neckline and armholes are neatly finished with bias tape, side seams and Frankenstein seams are finished with French seams.  The center pleat is actually a separate piece of fabric, which left a tricky, messy seam in front.  I pressed in the seam allowance and finished it with iron-on seam tape - super easy, and very neat.


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  1. I am so impressed! You sewer-people are just intimidating, that's all.