Wednesday, May 11, 2011


See that?  It's a leaf.  A bunch of them, in fact.  And they're green.  They're even outdoors, attached to a tree, just outside my building.  Finally!

Time to finally unveil a long-term project that kept me out of trouble over our recent long, cold, snowy winter.  Along about October, I decided to finally frame some things for my walls, including some vintage sheet music I've had stored for years.  It seemed so simple - why pay for brand-new frames when I could buy a bunch of cool frames from Goodwill and paint them?  The idea was that the frames would be funky and individual, but the uniform paint color would tie it all together in crafty-arty-goodness.

Of course, it got complicated when my plan to spray paint the frames was confronted with the reality that spray paint doesn't work well when it's 10 degrees out.  Delay.  Delay.  Ponder.  Dither.  I finally sucked it up and painted them by brush, which was time consuming but effective.

I couldn't find affordable mats that I liked, so I just backed the sheet music with nice acid-free patterned paper from the craft store.  Dad clued me in to framing points, or "glaziers window points," which are a handy way to snug the paper up against the glass so it doesn't slip down.  And.... Ta-da!

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  1. Looks awesome, Beth! Nice quilt, too. :)